History Channel Interview

An interview I did for the History Channel is now running on a History Undercover episode entitled "Cyberterrorism". I don't know when it will repeat, so check you local listings. As with most interviews this one also brought an old friend out of…

Mindy the star

My cousin Mindy has been living with us for three weeks while she attended DayJams, which is a music camp based out of Alexandria, VA. We've had a blast hosting her and will really miss her. At the camp, they write and perform a complete song…

Discussing Threat to Australians

Interestingly enough, this discussion took place only two weeks before the Bali attack.

CNN Aaron Brown Interview

An interesting segment with friends Schwartau, Steele, and the late Peter Black on emerging threats and scenarios.

BlackHat and Defcon

For those attending BlackHat and/or Defcon, I will be speaking at both events. See the official sites for details. Look forward to running into lots of old friends.